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Программа семинара НФИ 2005

17 мая, Урозеро

8:00-8:45. Завтрак (Урозеро)

10:00-10:55. Регистрация

Открытие. 11:00-11:05

Vice-Rector of the University of Petrozavodsk, Professor Natalia V. Dorshakova;
Department of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki. Professor Timo Alanko, Dr. hc

Сессия 1.

Chair Professor Timo Alanko, Dr.hc,
Secretary Alexandr V. Borodin.

  1. 11:10-11:55
    On Efficient and TCP/IP-Friendly Link Layers for Wireless WANs
    Markku Kojo (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  2. 12:00-12:30
    Formalization of UML Statechart Diagrams by Hierarchial Transition Systems
    Professor Juha Kortelainen (University of Oulu, Finland)
  3. 12:35-13:20
    Design and Implementation of Web Courses
    Dr. Teemu Kerola (University of Helsinki, Finland)

13:25-14:05. Обед.

Сессия 2.

Chair Markku Kojo,
Secretary Alexandr V. Borodin.

  1. 14:10-14:40
    Study groups in operating systems course
    Dr. Tiina Niklander (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  2. 14:45-15:15
    Analytical study of Hi3 infrastructure
    Dr. Dmitry G. Korzun (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia)
  3. 15:20-16:05
    Bluetooth Network Vulnerability to Disclosure, Integrity and Denial-of-Service Attacks
    Keijo Haataja (University of Kuopio, Finland)

16:10-16:25. Кофе.

  1. 16:30-17:15
    Formal and Informal Learning Online
    Dr. Jaakko Kurhila (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  2. 17:20-17:45
    An Information System for Efficient Estimation of Science Organization Activity
    Dr. Andrey A. Korshunov (Moscow State University, Russia)
  3. 17:50-18:15
    The Problems of the Formal Languages Theory in the SemiStructured Data Management
    Sergey A. Afonin (Moscow State University, Russia)

Стендовые доклады (18:20-18:50)

  1. On justification of quasi-regenerative and A-cycle approaches to queueing simulation
    Alexander V. Belyy, Professor Evsey V. Morozov (Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science, Russia)
  2. Regenerative Simulation of a Long-Range Dependent Networks
    Dmitry V. Bodyonov, Professor Evsey V. Morozov (Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science, Russia)
  3. Performance Analysis of the 802.11 DCF MAC
    Alexandr V. Borodin (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia)
  4. Simulation of Rare Events with Speed-Up Techniques
    Alexandra V. Borodina (Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science, Russia)
  5. Efficient Data Access in Parallel Systems
    Alexandr N. Vodomerov (Moscow State University, Russia)
  6. 16:10-16:30
    Building the Document Schemes for SemiStructured Database
    Sergey S. Gorelov (Moscow State University, Russia)
  7. The Support of Automated Business-Processes on the Base of S2S-workflow
    Dr. Andrey A. Korshunov (Moscow State University, Russia)
  8. Characterization of the PetrSU Main Router on Flow Level
    Denis V. Kuharev (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia)
  9. Complex Model of the User in Adaptive Learning Environment with Use of XML Technology
    Oleg V. Rusanov (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia)
  10. An alternative approach to TCP performance analysis
    Andrey Y. Salo (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia)
  11. On Optimization Model and Algorithm of Internet Based Systems
    Artem V. Zhukov, Dr. Irina V. Aminova, Dr. Vladimir V. Poljakov (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia)

19:00. Банкет

18 мая, Урозеро

9:00-9:40. Завтрак

Сессия 3.

Chair Dr. Yury A. Bogoyavlenskiy,
Secretary Kirill A. Kulakov.

  1. 10:00-10:45
    Applying Formal Concept Analysis to Reverse Engineer Software
    Dr. Jukka Viljamaa (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  2. 10:50-11:20
    SafeSMS — End-to-end Encryption for SMS Messages
    Marko Hassinen (University of Kuopio, Finland)

11:25-11:40. Кофе.

  1. 11:55-12:40
    Trust Management — Concepts and Methodology
    Sini Ruohomaa (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  2. 12:45-13:05
    On Testing Network Quality of Service Working WithinMPLS Test Network
    Vladimir B. Savkin (Moscow State University, Russia)
  3. 13:10-13:35
    Models for Inventory Management of Industrial Enterprise in view of Interchangebility of Materials and Variability in Delivery Sizes due to Vehicle Capacities
    Dr. Alexandr A. Trofimov (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia)

13:40-14:20. Обед.

Сессия 4.

Chair Professor Juha Kortelainen,
Secretary Kirill A. Kulakov.

  1. 14:25-14:55
    OpenTS as high-performance distributed computing tool
    Alexandr N. Vodomerov (Moscow State University, Russia)
  2. 15:00-15:20
    Mobile Objects and Distributed References in Open T-system
    Ilja M. Konev (Moscow State University, Russia)
  3. 15:25-16:10
    Current Trends in Smart Card Research
    Olli Vertanen (University of Kuopio, Finland)

16:10-16:40. Кофе, обсуждение и закрытие НФИ 2005.