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Department of Computer Science

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Program of the Seminar (FDPW 2003)

June 25, Aud. 361

Opening. 11:00-11:20

Ten Years of Cooperation: Views from Helsinki and Petrozavodsk.
Rector of the University of Petrozavodsk, Professor Victor N. Vasiliev;
Vice-Head of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki, Dr.hc, Professor Timo Alanko.

Session 1.

Chair Dr.hc, Professor Timo Alanko,
Secretary Dr. Dmitry G. Korzun.

  1. 11:25-12:55.
    Wireless Internet Challenges and Solutions.
    Prof. Kimmo Raatikainen (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  2. 13:00-13:30.
    On Training of High-Level Programmers at PetrSU.
    Vice-Rector Dr. Anatoly V. Voronin, Dr. Vladimir A. Kuznetsov (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia)
  3. 13:35-13:55.
    Common Core of Working Study Program in Computer Science: Universities of Helsinki and Petrozavodsk.
    Dr. Yury A. Bogoyavlenskiy (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia),
    Prof. Timo Alanko (University of Helsinki, Finland).

14:00-15:00. Lunch.

Session 2.

Chair Professor Valery A. Vasenin,
Secretary Dr. Olga I. Bogoiavlenskaia.

  1. 15:00-15:25
    Development of PetrSU Informational Environment.
    Vice-Rector Natalia S. Ruzanova (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia)
  2. 15:30-15:50
    The Probability Distribution Features of the Computer Network Traffic Components.
    Dr. Aleksey A. Makarov, Natalja L. Kovba, Galina I. Simonova (Moscow State University, Russia).
  3. 15:55-16:20
    Software Agents and Semantic Web - Technologies for Intelligent Wireless Internet.
    Dr. Heimo Laamanen (Telia-Sonera, Finland).

16:20-16:40. Coffee break.

  1. 16:40-17:55
    Software Performance.
    Prof. Inkeri Verkamo (University of Helsinki, Finland).
  2. 18:00-18:25
    Game-Theoretic Methods for Construction of Bargaining Models in Multi-Agent Systems.
    Prof. Vladimir V. Mazalov, Dr. Vladimir T. Vdovitsyn (Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science, Russia).
  3. 18:30-18:55
    Simulation of Some Networks Using Extended Weak Regeneration.
    Prof. Evsey V. Morozov, Alexander Belyy (Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science, Russia).

19:00. Banquet.

June 26, Aud. 361

Session 3.

Chair Professor Kimmo Raatikainen,
Secretary Dr. Olga I. Bogoiavlenskaia.

  1. 9:30-10:10
    Text Analysis by Discovering Frequent Phrases.
    Prof. Helena Ahonen-Myka (Uversity of Helsinki, Finland).
  2. 10:15-10:35
    Warehouses Computer Management Systems Application Based on AutoID-Technology.
    Dr. Alex S. Maximovski (Interbarcode, Moscow, Russia).
  3. 10:40-11:10
    Supporting Nomadic Agent-based Applications in the FIPA Agent Architecture.
    Dr. Heikki Helin (Telia-Sonera, Finland).
  4. 11:15-11:40
    Peer-to-Peer Networks.
    Dr. Hannu Reittu (Technical Research Centre of Finland).

11:40-12:00. Coffee break

  1. 12:00-12:25
    Efficient Simulation of Buffer Overflow in Queues with Breakdowns.
    Prof. Victor F. Nicola (University of Twente, The Netherlands).
  2. 12:30-12:55
    Interconnected Text-through Documents Search and Clasterisation.
    Serguei A. Afonin, Alexander S. Kozitsin (Moscow State University, Russia).
  3. 13:00-13:30
    The Problem of Classification of Two-Phase Alloy Microstructure by Means of Automatic Education.
    Alexander S. Shundeev, Konstantin A. Kostyukhin (Moscow State University, Russia).

13:30-14:30 Lunch.

Session 4

Chair Dr. Yury A. Bogoyavlenskiy,
Secretary Dr. Dmitry G. Korzun.

  1. 14:30-14:55
    Recognition and 3D Modeling of Two-Phase Alloy Microstructures.
    Igor Y. Denisov, Vladimir S. Slepnev (Moscow State University, Russia).
  2. 15:00-15:25
    Sparse Torus as Large-Scale Routing Switch.
    Risto Honkanen (University of Kuopio, Finland), Prof. Ville Leppänen (University of Joensuu, Finland), Prof. Martti Penttonen (University of Kuopio, Finland).
  3. 15:30-15:50
    The Models of Effective TCP Traffic Management.
    Prof. Valery A. Vasenin, Alexey V. Miroshnichenko (Moscow State University, Russia).

15:50-16:10 Coffee break.

  1. 16:10-16:30
    Performance of TCP Congestion Avoidance Algorithm.
    Dr. Olga I. Bogoiavlenskaia (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia).
  2. 16:35-17:00
    Rough Sets and Decision Making.
    Dr. Jouni Järvinen, Dr. Aleksandr Mylläri (University of Turku, Finland).
  3. 17:00-17:20
    On the Problem of Modeling and Identification for Traffic Structure of a Network Link.
    Dr. Yury A. Bogoyavlenskiy, Dr. Dmitry G. Korzun (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia).

Poster Session. 17:20-17:50

  1. P-metrics for Measured Performance of an Ethernet Segment.
    Alexander V. Borodin, Dr. Yury A. Bogoyavlenskiy (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia).
  2. Features of Database Design in Large Trade Organizations.
    Prof. Igor L. Bratchikov, Olga V. Grigorieva (Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia).
  3. Expert System Shell For Educational Purposes.
    Prof. Igor L. Bratchikov, Ilja V. Kalujny (Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia).
  4. On the Tools for DLS and SIS Synchronization (SIS - student information system, DLS - distant learning system)
    Igor L. Bursin (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia).
  5. Use of Cryptographic Codes for Bytecode Verification in Smart Card Environment.
    Konstantin Hyppenen, Elena Trichina (University of Kuopio, Finland).
  6. The Architecture of an Adaptive Learning System.
    Pavel E. Gladyshev, Dr. Gennady S. Sigovtsev (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia).
  7. Building of the Semantic Nets for Working out OLAP Models. (PDF 1, 2, 3, 4)
    Ivan V. Kireev (Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia).
  8. Automatic Generation of Test Problems and Experimental Analysis of Algorithms for Solving Non-Negative Linear Diophantine Equations.
    Kirill A. Kulakov, Dr. Dmitry G. Korzun (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia).
  9. The Experience of Using metsoDNA Information System for Identification of Mathematical Models.
    Dr. T. Laaksonen (Metso Automation, Finland), Vice-Rector Dr. A. Voronin (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia),
  10. Design of Modern Warehouses Based on Mathematical Analysis of Goods Flow with Usage of Simulation Approach.
    Dr. Aleksey A. Makarov, Dr. Alex S. Maximovski, Ivan S. Astapov, Igor V. Latynsev (Moscow State University, Russia; Interbarcode, Moscow, Russia).
  11. Using Formal Grammars for Describing Documentation Set of a Department.
    Timophey V. Nazarov, Dr. Yury A. Bogoyavlenskiy (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia).
  12. TCP Sliding Window Size Reconstruction Using IP and TCP Headers.
    Vadim A. Ponomarev, Dr. Olga I. Bogoiavlenskaia (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia).
  13. Electroencephalogram Signal Analysis.
    Oleg A. Ponomarev, Jarno Mikkonen, Dr. Markku Penttonen (University of Kuopio, Finland).
  14. Identification of Nomadic User`s Route from the Set of GPS Coordinates.
    Andrew Salo, Dr. Olga I. Bogoiavlenskaia (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia).
  15. Recent Extensions of TCPConal - a Specification Language for Network Flow Data processing.
    Petr A. Semin, Dr. Dmitry G. Korzun, Dr. Yury A. Bogoyavlenskiy (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia).
  16. Game-Theoretic Methods for Detection of Traffic Changes in Computer Network.
    Denis N. Zhuravlev (Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science, Russia).
  17. 17:50-18:00
    Demonstration of Line Simplification Algorithm Server.
    Andrew Salo, Dr. Olga I. Bogoiavlenskaia (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia).
  18. 18:00-18:10
    Demonstration of TCPConal Features.
    Petr A. Syomin, Dr. Dmitry G. Korzun, Dr. Yury A. Bogoyavlenskiy (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia).

18:10-18:20. General Discussion and Closing of the Seminar