(c) Larry Ewing, Simon Budig, Garrett LeSage
1994 .

Department of Computer Science

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SmartSlog: An ANSI C Ontology Library Generator for the Smart-M3 Platform.

Web ontology language (OWL) allows structuring the smart space content in high-level terms of classes, relations between them, and their properties. In Smart-M3, a semantic information broker (SIB) maintains the smart space in low-level terms of subject-relation-object triples, based on resource description framework (RDF). We introduce SmartSlog, a solution for constructing knowledge processors (KPs) that consume/produce the smart space content according to high-level ontology terms. The solution is based on the code generation approach. Given an OWL ontology description, the SmartSlog generator maps OWL to the ontology library. It provides data structures to represent the ontology classes, relations, properties and individuals in the KP code. The library API implements communication with SIB. As a result, the developer easier constructs the agent code, thinking in high-level ontology terms instead of low-level RDF triples. SmartSlog is oriented to ubiquitous systems; the library is written in pure ANSI C, supports even small embedded devices with restricted performance and capacity, and allows interoperable applications.