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Software Factory

Matti Paksula(University of Helsinki, Finland)

The first Software Factory at the University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science houses 10-15 students for an intensive period of 7 weeks. During this time students rapidly develop a business-driven and cloud oriented software that is developed with modern software technologies, methods and testing techniques. Teams working environment resembles and even exceeds industrial settings. Educationally factory brings real hands-on experience on modern software development and teamwork. Software Factory also enables research: everything that happens in the factory can be measured and used for educational purposes. After the business prototype is finished, the students have an opportunity to participate in a process supported by our collaborators in which the aim is to launch a high-expectation entrepreneurship. This includes the procedures for setting up a company, seeking for a funding as well as other means for business development support. The Software Factory in University of Helsinki’s Kumpula Campus is designed to be a reference laboratory and aims building up similar infrastructures in the global space. We are aiming to launch satellite-hubs in other universities that would be interconnected to enable global software development and interesting research opportunities.