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Department of Computer Science

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Program of the Seminar (FDPW 2001)

May 16, Aud. 352

Opening. 14:00-14:15

Rector of the University of Petrozavodsk, Professor Victor N. Vasiliev;
Department of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki. Professor Timo Alanko

Session 1.

Chair Professor Timo Alanko
Secretary Dr. Olga Bogoiavlenskaia

  1. 14:15-15:00
    Computing is Made of Moving, Processing and Storing
    Prof. Martti Penttonen (University of Kuopio)
  2. 15:05-15:35
    Fluid Approach in Stability Analysis of Multiclass Stochastic Networks
    Prof. Evsey V. Morozov (University of Petrozavodsk)
  3. 15:35-16:05
    Development of the Official Web-Resources of the City of Petrozavodsk
    Elena U. Osolotkina, Andrei A. Pechnikov (Petrozavodsk City Administration)

16:05-16:25. Coffee break.

  1. 16:25-17:10
    Performance Analysis of TCP Enhancements over Slow Wireless Links
    Pasi Sarolahti (University of Helsinki)
  2. 17:15-18:00
    Software Quality Evaluation in the Design Phase
    Juha Gustafsson (University of Helsinki)
  3. 18:05-18:35
    Processing of Structured Documents Using LEX and YACC
    Ouliana P. Timochkina (University of Petrozavodsk)

May 17, Aud. 361

Session 2

Chair Prof. Martti Penttonen,
Secretary Dmitri Korzoun

  1. 10:00-10:45
    Problems of Network Topology
    Dr. Hannu Reittu (Technical Research Centre of Finland)
  2. 10:50-11:20
    Applying the Phase-Type Distributions to the Modelling of a Network Access Server
    Dr. Olga I. Bogoiavlenskaia

11:20-11:55. Coffee break.

  1. 11:55-12:40
    Newsfeed Categorization
    Juha Makkonen (University of Helsinki)
  2. 12:45-13:30
    New Grammar-Based Algorithms for Solving Certain Classes of Nonnegative Linear Diophantine Systems
    Dmitri G. Korzoun (University of Petrozavodsk)

13:25-14:30. Lunch

Session 3

Chair Dr. Yury Bogoyavlenskiy,
secretary Andrei Gurtov

  1. 14:30-15:15
    Design of an Integrated Distributed System for Support Information Resources of a University.
    Prof. Valeri A. Vasenin, Sergei A. Afonin (Moscow State University) (video-conference presentation)
  2. 15:20-16:05
    Integrated Information System for University Management
    Prof. Natalia S. Ruzanova (University of Petrozavodsk)

16:05-16:25. Coffee break.

  1. 16:25-16:55
    Performance Aspects of a New Packet Radio Service
    Andrei V. Gurtov (University of Helsinki)
  2. 17:00-17:30
    On Simulation Efficiency of Weak Regenerative Queues: Variance Reduction Techniques
    Prof. Evsey V. Morozov, Irina V. Aminova (University of Petrozavodsk)
  3. 17:35-17:55
    Detection of Time Moments of Network Parameters Changes
    Denis N. Zhuravlev, Alexei A. Bedorev (Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science)