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News archive

AMICT 2010 Workshop
Annual International Workshop on Advances in Methods of Information and Communication Technology, AMICT2010. Opening 25.5.2010, 10:00, aud.221, the Main building of PetrSU.

Winter School Qt-2010 Contest Results
The Winter School Qt-2010 was held at PetrSU in February. At the end of the school the contest among small projects was announced. Among 11 projects started during the school, 4 projects participated in the contest. Results:

All participants are awarded by diplomas. The winners will visit FRUCT'7 conference. Details at FRUCT forum.

Publication of Scribo: alpha-release
The PetrSU-Nokia-NSN laboratory on wireless and mobile technology published the alpha-release of Scribo. The application is a client to various blog services (e.g., Livejournal and Blurty) running at user's mobile device. Current version supports Internet tablets Nokia N900 for the open mobile platform Maemo/MeeGo. more...

First Public Release of SmartSlog project
The PetrSU-Nokia-NSN laboratory in wireless and mobile technology made the first public alpha-release of the SmartSlog project at SourceForge. The SmartSlog project is targetted in development of ANSI C Library Generator for Smart Space Ontology. More information about project is available here.

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