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1994 .
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A Cross-Blog Client for the Maemo Platform

Mikhail A. Kryshen, Diana V. Zaiceva

The project aims at developing an application for the Maemo platform for representing and editing combined information retrieved from different blog services. It is targeted at social net users and allows to view and edit user profiles at blog services and make blog postings. First version of the application will support livejournal.com blog, vkontakte.ru notes and yandex.ru blog services. One of the goals of the project is to research the possibilities of using RDF and OWL technologies to develop cross-service client software for social networks.

Data retrieved from such services are used to construct a cross-service user profile that is applicable for all those services. It combines friend relations and groups from the services. The application allows creating a so-called distributed blog that combines postings from several blogs. That is, users work with posts as if they are written in a single blog, make duplicate posts in different services, track comments and cross-blog discussions.

The FOAF (an acronym of Friend of a Friend) ontology describes cross-service user profiles. Note that FOAF is already used by some of the blog services (e. g. livejournal.com, limited support in yandex.ru). The RSS (abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication) format supports tracking comments.