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1994 .
Computer Science Department
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A Maemo Client for Social Network Services with Cross-Profile Features

Andrey O. Bogachev

Numerous amount of Internet users spends a lot of time in social networks that integrate the functionality of home pages, blogs, talk boards, etc. providing comfortable hosting platform for sharing photos, videos and applications. Current trends are of growing interest for social service providers to open interfaces to their user databases. Hence applications can interact with them through HTTP requests (so called WebAPIs).

The purpose of the project is developing a client application for such social network services as available in VKontakte and MySpace service portals (popular among Russian users). The client application provides cross-profile features by combining user information from different services. It allows creating user's own virtual space in a more flexible and appropriate way. For example, a user can create groups of friends based on combined accounting data from VKontakte and MySpace, or forward messages received from VKontakte to MySpace users. The application is for the Maemo platform and interacts with social network WebAPIs by means of its connectivity components.

The project incorporates the use of OWL (Web Ontology Language) for representation of relations between entities of social networks (user profile fields, etc.) as well as for user interface needs.

The project is a student team software engineering project in the framework of Software Engineering course at the Faculty of Mathematics, Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU).