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с 1994 г.
Computer Science Department
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Publication of the Seminar FDPW 1999

  1. Software Architectures-Quality for Software Design (.pdf, 146 Kb)
    Prof. Jukka Paakki (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  2. Stepwise Refinement of Specifications (.pdf, 191 Kb)
    Dr. Timo Karvi (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  3. Intelligent Agents for Nomadic Users (.pdf, 246 Kb)
    Pauli Misikangas (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  4. TCPconan: A System with Flexible Management of TCP Connections Data Processing (.pdf, 248 Kb)
    Dmitry G. Korzoun, Dr. Iouri A. Bogoiavlenski (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia)
  5. Multi-Agent System for Informational Support of Collaborative Researchers Work in a Computer Network (.pdf, 123 Kb)
    Dr. Vladimir T. Vdovitsyn, Dr. Vladimir V. Tarasov (Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science, Russia)
  6. On the problem of optimal stack control (.pdf, 185 Kb)
    Dr. Andrew V. Sokolov (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia)
  7. Self-Similarity and Long-Range Dependence in Network Traffic Modeling (.pdf, 176 Kb)
    Prof. Evsei V. Morozov (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia)
  8. The Decomposition Property of the Blocking Queueing Model in a Random Environment (.pdf, 173 Kb)
    Dr. Olga I. Bogoiavlenskaia (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia)
  9. Technical Issues of Real-Time Network Simulation in Linux (.pdf, 240 Kb)
    Andrei V. Gurtov (University of Helsinki, Finland, University of Petrozavodsk, Russia)
  10. Queueing Networks Simulation: Artificial Regeneration and Heavy Tail Phenomena (.pdf, 183 Kb)
    Irina V. Aminova (University of Petrozavodsk, Russia)